Interested in working with the International Relations and Affairs Group or do you need a consultation? If so, state your question, as well as, your background in international affairs, and the nature of the request. email:


We offer short or long-term contract consulting. We work with governments, organizations, individuals, teams and executive management to clarify needs and identify the appropriate solution.


The International Relations and Affairs group focuses on supporting corporate clients, governmental organizations and NGO's to research political, economic, cultural, and security issues for CEO's, opinion leaders, policy makers, and the private sector. We bring companies together to negotiate thriving partnerships to promote interests abroad. We also specialize in: Advising Governments, Advising Governmental Organizations, Educating Business Leaders on Key International Issues, Expanding Existing Commercial Ties, Promoting Economic Growth and Tourism, Security Assessments, Cultural Assessments and Interactions, Conflict Management and Negotiation

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